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We're a small family farm.  

We're lovers of animals and all things outdoors. Striving to be better every day. Better to our planet and to each other. Looking for a simpler, healthier life and trying to savour every moment.

Our little piece of heaven-on-earth is located in the Beaver Valley, Ontario, Canada.  The farm sits on 92 acres of rolling fields, pasture and a mixed forest, where a stream meanders through the trees before emptying into the Beaver River.   

We have farming in our families and a love of the outdoors in our blood. We left our city jobs for a country lifestyle. After a career of promoting environmentally and socially responsible investment products, it was time to switch from making a living talking the talk, to building a business walking the walk.

We raise Icelandic Sheep because we love them. They have amazing wool and remind us of our roots. Roots in farming, roots in family, roots in a slower, simpler past. We are trying to do our part to tread lightly and be good stewards of our land and animals, while at the same time, bringing healthy sustainable products to you and your family. With plenty of good care and fresh air, our sheep turn pasture and organic hay into beautiful wool! Our sheep all have names and are humanely raised and loved. 

We are very grateful for our farm dream come true and love sharing it with others. We'd love to welcome you to one of our educational farm tours, a workshop or a unique off-grid vacation getaway in our cabin.

Love working with this Icelandic wool; a felter's dream the way it comes together. Looking forward to more time at the farm!

Wendy F. (ON, Canada)

I have so much respect for what you do, and cannot believe the softness of your flock.

Lindsey G. (BC, Canada)

Your wool is a dream to spin; one of the best Iceladic wools I have spun. Absolutely wonderful!

Marianne T. (Iceland)
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