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Species at Risk - Bobolinks

We’re on a path of continuous learning and improvement!  By no means do we have it all figured out. In all that we do, we try to minimize the impact on our little piece of the planet.  We have gone through an education and action plan process which saw us get our Environmental Farm Plan Certification.  It helped us find environmental risks and opportunities on our farm, including helping us identify several ‘Species at Risk’ that frequent our property. 

One such species in particular is the Bobolink, which is threatened in Ontario.  They are grassland songbirds and native to our farmland.  In the late spring they arrive and lay their eggs in the middle of the larger open hay fields.  Early haying is thought to be one of the contributing factors to their decline as the eggs and/or young non-flying birds can be destroyed if haying fields too early.  By learning about this, we’ve been able to help the Bobolink population by trying to ensure that the fledglings are well on their way before haying the fields that they are most likely to nest in. 

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