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Fewer, Better, Naturally!

There are many people who may not understand why wool from an Ontario farmer isn’t in the same price as a ball of man-made wool. Thankfully, there is a growing awareness of and movement back towards natural fibres.

There are many articles and much research on the harmful environmental effects of synthetic fibres in clothes and other products we use. We want to support the slow fashion movement and help raise awareness of it.  Educating people on the true (and often hidden) cradle-to-grave cost of man-made products will go a long way. This in turn will help us continue to grow, as more people choose to support independent farmers and natural farm-grown fibres.

We want to help people get away from the throw-away mentality and back to appreciating the land and the animals that our food and fibres come from.  We are very much proponents of: fewer, better, naturally. Natural, renewable fibres last for decades. And when fashion changes, they can be upcycled into something new!

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